While you sleep your skin is repairing and regenerating. While you sleep:

-Cell renewal rates nearly double
-Collagen production increases
-Cell damage is being reversed
-Melanin production increases providing anti-ageing and repairs UV-induced damage
-Cortisol (stress-hormone) decreases allowing the skin to repair daytime damage
-Blood flow increases
-Body temperature rises as it repairs and regenerates, leading to moisture loss.
When you are in deep sleep, your body repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone & muscle and strengthens the immune system. As you get older, you sleep more lightly and get less deep sleep – ageing is also linked to shorter time spans of sleep. Lack of sleep and the presence of stress can negatively impact collagen production. Collagen forms the structure of the skin, which keeps it looking fresh, firm, and young. During the restorative cycles of sleep, your body produces collagen.

While sleeping, your skincare products work better as your skin can focus on repairing itself and not defending itself! Your blood flow is more consistent, and your products don’t have to compete with the effects of sunlight. Additionally, your skin benefits from skin-replenishing ingredients in your products as the skin barrier is down as it is relaxed and safe from harmful environmental elements.